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Alexandra Soler

Born:                  Octobre 14, 1983
Hometown:         Bézier
Coached by:       Frank Legras

In 1997 Alexandra was the French Junior National All Around Champ.

At Junior Europeans 98 in St. Petersburg she competed in the AllAround competition and  reached a spot in the eventfinal on beam and placed 7th.

End of the year 1998 she became the French Nationalchamp on floor in the senior division.

In 1999 she was a member of the Worldsteam in China. She competed the AllAround and placed 29th.

Pictures below has been taken at World Championchips 1999.

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Solerwm995.jpg (56845 Byte) Solerwm992.jpg (42362 Byte)

The picture below has been taken during beam apparatus final at Junior Europeans 98.

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