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Ziganshivaem007.JPG (44330 Byte)
Natalia Ziganshina

Born:               December 24th, 1985   
Hometown:    St. Petersburg    

Coached by:   Victor Gavrichenko

-All Around Silvermedallist at World  Championships in Ghent 2001

-European Champion on vault 2002

Silvermedallist on vault at World Championships in Debrecen 2001

The Pictures below has been taken at Junior Europeans in Paris.

Ziganshivaem002.JPG (40010 Byte) Ziganshivaem003.JPG (46417 Byte) Ziganshivaem0010.JPG (73885 Byte) Ziganshivaem004.JPG (65305 Byte) Ziganshiva001.JPG (51380 Byte)