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Aagje Van Walleghem

Born: October 10th, 1987 in Paçao de padra in Brazile

Hometown: Wevelgem, Belgium

Coached by: Laurens van der Hout, Gerrit Beltmann

-Bronzemedallist on vault at individual european Championships in Debrecen 2005

-Family facts:She was 4 months old when she came to Belgium.Her origin name was Anna Maria Pereira Da Silva.Her Belgian “mother” gave her a new name: Aagje van Walleghem. In Belguim, Aagje has 2 sisters from Ethiopia. 

-Favourite apparatus:bars and vault

These pictures below were taken at European Championships 2005 in Debrecen



This picture below was taken at European Championships in Amsterdam 2004

This portrait below was taken at European Olympic Youth Days in Murcia 2001