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All pictures are copyrighted by Jasmin Schneebeli and Christian Ballat, the webmasters of the Gymbox.


 For professional use

mail us for conditions 

 For official pages of gymnasts and fansites, strikly non commercial sites

- We allow to use three pictures, if the page is about a specific athlete. It's not allowed to use all the pictures we feature of an athlete.

- You're allowed to use five pictures of different gymnasts, if it's a page about gymnastics in general or a site about a team.

- There must be a direct link back to the gymbox on the site the picture appears and  a link back to the gymbox on the link-section of your page.

- When you produce a page, please let us know the URL in order to allow us to have a look at it and enjoy it as well.

                         Thank you very much for respecting our rules.