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Jana Komrskova 2


Here are some photos from the Czech gymnasts competing at European Youth olympic Festival in Lignano 2005



The Czech Womensteam did an excellent Job at World Championchips 1999 in China. The Team ranked in a good 16th place and their Teamleader Jana Komrskova surprised with a 8th ranking as individual.

Czechwm991.jpg (39325 Byte) Czech2wm991.jpg (42696 Byte)
Darina Stastna and Lenka Nodlova

Czech3wm991.jpg (35834 Byte) Czech5wm991.jpg (31470 Byte)
Pavla Feresova

Czech7wm991.jpg (36562 Byte) Czech8wm991.jpg (29264 Byte)
Katerina Maresova and Olga Svobodova