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Elena Gomez Servera

Born:              November 14th, 1985

Hometown:      Manacor, Mallorca

Coached by:   Joana Maria Rigo; Mateu Riera

Best achievement: World Champion on floor 2002


Tell us about your family:

All my siblings have practised gymnastics. My brother Carlos played football for 12 years, my sisters Claudia and Natalia actually practise gymnastics and my little brother Daniel actually practises judo.

(add: Her father is a policeman and her mother , proud mother of six children)

You grow up in Mallorca, was there when you went home a special welcome after your title on floor?

Yes, the special welcome was exactly in Manacor, my hometown.

Tell us more about this event, please.

We had a huge “fiesta”.

Everybody came to the party, the neighbours and the mayors, and the band of the city played at the party. There were 2000 persons at the party.

And in any newspaper all over Spain and its isles were my photos.


Mallorca is a island with a large touristic area, is your home near or far of this.
We live in the country,  it's 2 km. from Manacor, and  12 Km from Porto Cristo, where there's a beach and a big touristic zone.
Which was the most interesting country you've seen? Why?
Denmark and Belgium, because itīs full of gardens, trees... and itīs very  impeccable
Favourite event/apparatus?

Floor and Beam

Favourite gymnast when you started gymnastics? 

I didn't have a favourit gymnast because gymnastics were never shown on TV, and I didn't know other gymnasts

Gymnasts you admire now?

Sara Moro from the spanish team

Do you have an element or a combination in your gymnastics, which is any special? (Difficult or original) 

My end in parallel bars-triple flyaway

Which element in gymnastics do you like most to do?

Dancing and the rhythm on floor in general

Which element do you hate, but you need it (because it’s a basic skill or has a high start value)?

pirouettes on bars

About which skill you are dreaming, you are thinking: wow, when I could do that?

Double layout on floor

Would you give back compulsory to elite gymnasts if you could decide that? Why?

No, because itīs not beautiful for the competition that everybody do the same exercises.

Spanish gymnasts are well known for their good lines and flexibility, how many hours do you have ballet in your training schedule?

An hour every day

In Ice Skating are A and B scores. Do you think this would works in gymnastics also? Why?

I donīt know as Ice Skating works, I'm sorry.

Which are your favourite lessons in school?


Are you in contact with  elite-gymnasts, who are not competing for  your country?


Do you have a hobby outside of gymnastics?

Reading and listening to music.

If you couldn't do gymnastics, which sport would you do?

Synchronized swimming

Can you please tell me about the current status of the rehabilitation of Sara Moro.

Sheīs getting better, sheīs starting to train again (january 2003)

Laura Martinez and Esther Moya had retired, which gymnast are now train for Anaheim?

Lenika de Simone,  Patricia Moreno,  Laura Campos, Sara Moro, Cayetana Medina, Tania Gener and me.

Can you tell us a bit about the Spanish Juniors which will be age eligible in Anaheim?

All  the ones I named in the last answer are age eligible in 2003. They're trainig so well and they will probably do a good competition in Anaheim

Thank you very much


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