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Elise Ray

Born:             February 6th, 1982
Hometown:    Columbia, Michigan
Coached by:  Kelli Hill and Jen Bundy

Elise was USA's uneven bars national champ of the years 97 and 98. At Goodwill Games 98 she have won the silvermedal on bars and at China Cup she was succesfull on her two best events bars and floor with a bronze and a silvermedal.

In 1999 she have won on the floor at Nationals. It was a very good year for her with winning the Worlds trials also and beeing the best US competitior at these Worlds. In the AllAround she reached a 8th place and at uneven bars apparatus finals she placed 7th.

These results makes her to a strong contender for the US Olympic team. Watch out this gymnast next year.

Pictures below are of the World Championchips in China during official podiumstraining, AllAround- and Teamfinal.

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