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Esther Moya

Born:                 31th July, 1984
Hometown:       Barcelona
Coached by:     J. Carballo / Lucia Guisado

Esther is one of the promising gymnasts from Spain. At Junior Europeans 98 she won the Bronzemedal on vault. Her start values show her good potential. 10 on floor and beam (with a silivas mount) and she has two 9.90 vaults in her repertoire. At World Youth Games 98 she won the Bronzemedal on vault again.

In 1999 she became the Spanish National AllAround Champ and competed at several Dual meets.

At the Pre Olympics meet in Sydney 2000 she have won vault.

The Pictures below has been taken during the official Podiumstraining and Teamqualification at Worlds 99:

Moyawm992.jpg (55419 Byte)

Moyawm994.jpg (39031 Byte) Moyawm993.jpg (41571 Byte) 

Moyawm991.jpg (43366 Byte)