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Janine Zürcher

Born: February 5th 1986

Hometown: Rehetobel

Coached by Marianne Steinemann

Family Facts:

Urs and Gaby Zürcher, my father plays soccer. Melanie and Tamara are my younger sisters. Tamara is doing ,,Geräteturnen'' ( gymnastics for women including rings)

Which was the most interesting country you've seen?

Spain, I liked the creeks and I was impressed by Barcelona too.

Favourite event/apparatus?


Favourite gymnast when you started gymnastics?

I was a fan of Natascha Schnell (former Swiss National Champion)

Gymnasts you admire now?

Verona van de Leur

Which element in gymnastics do you like most to do?

Akroseries on floor

Which element do you hate, but you need it (because it’s a basic skill or has a high start value)?  

Jägerrelease on bars

About which skill you are dreaming, you are thinking: wow, when I could do that?  

Double layout Yourtschenko on vault

Would you give back compulsory to elite gymnasts if you could decide that? Why?

No, in my view everybody should do the element he is able do best.

In Ice Skating are A and B scores. Do you think this would works in gymnastics also? Why?  

No, B scores are questions of personal taste.

Which are your favourite lessons in school?

First of all the languages English and French

Are you in contact with  elite-gymnasts, who are not competing for  your country?  


Do you have a hobby outside of gymnastics?  

I like music and reading very much

If you couldn't do gymnastics, which sport would you do?

I like ballsports like Soccer or Volleyball

Which situation in gymnastics was most guiding for you?

The move from the regional center Rüti to Macolin the national trainingcenter of Switzerland.

Here in Central Europe gymnastics isn't that popular.What gives you the motivation and power to do the hard training daily?

Absolutely I would like to compete in a big meet !

Additional I enjoy to move myself.

 Thank you very much

These pictures below were taken at Tri meet SUI-NED-FRA in Aigle 2003Th


This picture below was taken at European Championships in Patras 2002