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This is a postcard of her, she has sent from Patras to her friends in Switzerland

Joy Studer

Full Name:                            Joy Sandra

Short Name:                           Joy

Born:                                      April 2nd, 1988

Hometown:                            Littau

Coached by:                           Susi Stettler

Family Facts:

My mother was involved in gymnastics too, now she is coaching mens gymnastics at BTV Luzern.

My brother did gymnastics for about two years and switched to wrestling

Which was the most interesting country you've seen?

Until Greece, it was Spain, but after this Junior Europeans, this event and country is the most  unforgettable. It was just wonderfull, this competition impressed me most of all.

(Joy competed in the All Around, 20th place)

Favourite event/apparatus?

Floor and beam

Favourite gymnast when you started gymnastics?

Annik Salzmann, Alexandra Balz (both former Swiss National Champions) and Lilia Podkopayeva

Gymnasts you admire now?

Verona van de Leur and Anna Pavlova

Which element in gymnastics do you like most to do?

Everything i can flipping and twisting

Which element do you hate, but you need it (because itís a basic skill or has a high start value)?  

My beam dismount

About which skill you are dreaming, you are thinking: wow, when I could do

a lot of different release elements on bars !

Would you give back compulsory to elite gymnasts if you could decide that? Why?

No, i wouldn't like that.

I think everyone should show the own style witout compulory elements.

In Ice Skating are A and B scores. Do you think this would works in gymnastics also? Why?

I wouldn't try this,

it would be for sure a very very difficult task for the judges.

Which are your favourite lessons in school?

Mathematics and English

Are you in contact with  elite-gymnasts, who are not competing for  your country?  

Yes, a little bit

Do you have a hobby outside of gymnastics?  

Doing paperartwork and shopping

If you couldn't do gymnastics, which sport would you do?


Here in Central Europe gymnastics isn't that popular.What gives you the motivation and power to do the hard training daily?

I like to move myself and if I have succes this cheers me up very much. I simply love gymnastics.

These pictures below were taken at Junior Europeans in Patras


These pictures below were taken at Swiss Nationals 2001