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Ksenia Kekkonen

Born:               January 12th,1983
Coached by:    Olga Yefimova
Hometown:      Gatchina

Ksenia gets a lot of attention because she's a gymnast with a lot of artistry in her performances. Rarely i saw gymnasts with such bobylines and toepoints as Ksenia has.

In 1996 she placed 4rd in 1997 2nd at the Novogorod competition.(Juniors division)

In 1998 at Juniors Europeans in St. Petersburg she competed   vault and floor in the Teamcompetition.She went first in the line up on vault and second on floor and got scores 9.081 and 9.312.

Later she spent time in Finnlandia and in the USA at Pottsville Gymnastics and competed in the Friendship Classic twice.


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