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Svetlana Bakhridinova

Born:                 Octobre 10, 1981
Hometown:        Taschkent
Coached by:      Svetlana Kuznetsova

First time I saw her at Lausanne Worlds '97 during All Around Final placing 26th. In this year she reached a 3rd place at Glasgow Grand Prix and she was seen at different Grand-Prix meets in 98 also and the Asian Games.

To me, the most memorable moment was her floor exercice at DTB Final, when she enthused the crowd with her choreography and well executed routine.

At Cottbus Grand Prix meet 99 we could ask some questions to Svetlana Bakhridinova (thanks to Nora Schuler).

Svetlana, what's your favourite event?

When did you start with gymnastics?
I had 6 years when I began.

Favourite gymnast when you started gymnastics?
Mo Huilan.

What's your proudest achievement?
Asian Games 98 (2nd on vault).

Which country impressed you most?

If you couldn't do gymnastics, which sport would you do?
I would do no other sport.

Do you have a hobby outside of gymnastics?
Computer (She hasn't one currently, but says that she likes them).

If you are at National Training Center, with whom do you share a room?
I'm living with my parents in Taschkent.

Is there an element in gymnastics you like to do especially?
Tkatchev-Release on bars.