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Trudy Mc Intosh

Born:                     July 30th, 1984
Hometown:            Geelong, Victoria
Height (1999):        137 cm
Weight (1999):       36 kg
Coached by:          Fiona Bird, Mark Calton and Shao Yi

Trudy Mc Intosh was a keymember for her team at Olympics 2000 in her home Australia.

After the these Olympics she retired , but even she isn`t competing anymore, she will be present in the gymnastics community: in the code her innovation on vault the layout front full is named after her. 

Family Facts
«My sister is 19 (in 1999), she goes to University and my brother is 21, he works, I was an auntie in August 1999. My mum and i go to Cheltenham/Melbourne during the week so i can do gym. We live with Melinda Cleland and her mum. On weekends we go home to Geelong to see Dad and my sister.»
Trudys nickname: Truds


Sports:  horse riding
lucky number: 7
Color: aqua
Movie: Titanic
TV show: Friends
Food: Ice Cream
Car: Porsche
Place in the World: Africa
Season of the Year: Summer
Other: I love my pet dog Roxie

Training and Competitions
Began gymnastics: Age 5
Reason for starting: Older sister Lisa was doing it
Favourite event: Floor
Like most about training: Learning new skills
Like least about training: When we have lots of routines, but i can't because i'm dead
Best moment (before Worlds 99): Getting selected to compete in the Commonwealth Games
Enjoy most about travel: You get to compete for Australia
Worst thing about travel: Getting jetlag
National Results: Australians National All-Around Champ in 1998 (Junior), in 1999 (Senior) and Vize champ in 2000.
Best performance in International Competition (asked before Worlds 99): 1st Beam at Commonwealth Games 1998.

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Pictures are taken during world championchips 99 Tianjin/China.

McIntoshdtd995.jpg (48509 Byte)
This picture is taken during DTB-Cup in Stuttgart/Germany 1999.