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Congratulation to the British Womensteam for the Qualification to the Olympics.

Here you can find some Pictures of the Team during the World Championchips 1999 in China.

Murraywm995.JPG (39564 Byte)
Sharna Murray.

GreatBritainwm991.jpg (47696 Byte)
Holly Murdock.

GreatBritainwm992.jpg (58298 Byte)
Rochelle Douglas.

Masonwm991.JPG (36784 Byte) Masonwm992.JPG (47569 Byte)
Annika Reeder and Lisa Mason.

Douglaswm991.jpg (41359 Byte)
Rochelle Douglas.

Reederwm992.jpg (32648 Byte)
Annika Reeder.